CatNet project

Evaluation of the Catallaxy paradigm for
decentralized operation of
dynamic application networks

Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme - Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) - FET Open Assesment project
Contract no.: ITS-2001-34030
March 2002 - 2003


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The main goal of the project is to evaluate a decentralized economic control andcoordination mechanism, the Catallaxy paradigm, for the decentralized control of dynamic application layer networks.

The project partners will compare the performance of the decentrally operated dynamic application network with a baseline system consisting of a centrally controlled application network, to assess the feasibility of the approach.

Description of work

Application layer networks such as content distribution networks or peer-to-peer networks are software architectures that allow the provisioning of services requiring large amount of resources, which can be obtained from computing systems connected over simple communication infrastructures such as the Internet.

Managing application layer networks is a general task of decentralized resource allocation, for which economic principles are applicable.

The project pursued here combines economic and computer science research to provide new coordination mechanisms for large-scale computer networks.

In the application layer network context of GRID networks, existing systems such as Darwin, Globus or Radar already employ a centralized auctioneer instance somewhere in the network for service control and resource allocation. This centralized approach has several drawbacks, some of which can in our view not be solved by incremental research.

Considering this, the project partners propose an assessment of a fully decentralized economic approach to resource allocation, the Catallaxy paradigm, for managing distributed application layer networks. The experiment will consist of the simulation of an application layer network being operated under the catallaxy paradigm and a baseline centralized system. The simulation results will determine how the system behaves under both paradigms.

Project participants

From University of Freiburg (DE):

From Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (ES):

Project Deliverables
Software - Simulator

An application network simulator is under development. It is based on the javasim network simulation environment.

source code snapshot (4/2003)